Armin Strom revisits the resonance phenomenon

Armin Strom Revisits The Resonance Phenomenon

In 2018, Armin Strom joined the cream of high horology, independent-style, with a modern, innovative timepiece which revisits the classic codes of watchmaking.

By Benjamin Teisseire

The resonance principle

At the end of 2016, the Bienne manufacture made headlines with its Mirrored Force Resonance which highlighted a well-known phenomenon among precision seeking watchmakers, even though very few actually exploited Resonance. Christiaan Huygens (1629 - 1695) had revealed it with two pendulum clocks in the 17th century. Antide Janvier (1751- 1835) was the first to apply it into a single timekeeper, his double pendulum, in the 18th century.

Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) was the first to master it within a pocket watch in the early 1800’s. Observation shows that two oscillators working side by side end up synchronizing thus making functioning more stable and saving energy for an optimized accuracy and reliability. Simple principle but complicated to achieve.

François-Paul Journe was the first to achieve Resonance in a wristwatch in 2000. His Chronomètre à Résonance is to this day the only wristwatch using the principle of natural resonance. Armin Strom took another route by coupling two regulators beating at the same frequency with a patented resonance clutch spring. Within a few minutes they synchronize, and the spring beats the tempo of this sacred union. Hypnotic!

New version, new timepiece

The Pure Resonance displays the same phenomenon with a more classical look. The new version, available in stainless steel (Water) and 18k rose gold (Fire), loses the ‘industrial’ feel of its elder. The 42mm large and 12 mm high case becomes soberer (from 43,4 and 13mm) and the bezel thinner. Lugs are shortened. The two small seconds sub-dials are gone, as well as the zero-setting complication which accompanied them. The style is sleeker, yet remains resolutely modern, creating an entirely new timepiece.

New movement, optimized chronometry

The manually wound caliber ARF15 from the predecessor has been rethought and modified to become the ARF16. It still beats at 25,200 osc/h but is freed from superfluous functions to focus solely on the precision of time keeping. The inferior regulator distributes the energy to display the time while the superior generates the resonance optimizing the accuracy. Only one extra mechanism remains for the seconds which are counted on a small sub-dial with a white baton-shaped hand on a sleek track. Simple, efficient, beautiful.

A true dress watch

The high horology vibes are still present but refined and delicate: vertical Geneva striping on the dial side, thinner bezel, off-centered hour and minute dial at 3o’clock, larger, more legible roman numerals, seconds sub-dial delicately lying over the hour one at 7 o’clock, unique shorter crown. All the details from classical watchmaking come to life. The finishing level is on par with Armin Strom drastic requirements. It can be admired dial side where the platinas are clearly visible as much as on the back side through the sapphire back.

A new turn for the brand

With this new model, Armin Strom proudly displays its will to reach a new public of connoisseurs and collectors with more classical tastes without disavowing the modernity that characterizes the brand. This new direction is clearly confirmed by the partnership with Kari Voutilainen to design hand-made guilloché dials for the Mirrored Force Resonance Guilloché. The extra cost of CHF 5’000 might seem steep but when one knows the difficulties of the painstaking hand work required with century old tools and the finesse of the Master watchmaker’s work, it is worth it.

Armin Strom offers with this Pure Resonance a true dress watch with an independent rebel touch. Add their well-known capacity to personalize each time keeper through their innovative configurator or even more so on the immediately recognizable lip of their case, and you have all the ingredients for the success that we wish them.

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